Joint Lab Center of Materials for Automotive Thermal Management Systems——SANHUA&BOSOM

Release time:2022/06/23 Publisher:

On June 22nd, the signing ceremony of "SANHUA & BOSOM New Material Materials Joint Experiment Center of Automotive Thermal Management System" was successfully held at Hangzhou BOSOM New Material Technology Co., LTD.

SANHUA auto deputy general manager/general manager of center of technology of steam Dr zhang Rongrong, Bao Junfeng——deputy General manager of SANHUA Auto Hangzhou Plant/Technical Center, SANHUA holding group strategic procurement Xu Weidong, SANHUA auto purchasing department minister Cheng Xiaobo, BOSOM's chairman and general manager Zhou Yongsong and chief engineer Zhang Guanghui attend the event.


Dr. Zhang Rongrong said that as the first and only enterprise to win the PACE award in China, Sanhua Auto is looking forward to building the experimental center with BOSOM to create the advantages of professional experimental equipment and professional talents gathering in the field of high-performance engineering plastics. Strive to build a new energy vehicle thermal management system supply chain with leading technology, model innovation and first-class benefits, and strive to achieve better system cost, better products and better supply ecology.


Chairman Zhou Yongsong said: BOSOM as a modified engineering plastics materials suppliers, will try our best to learn from excellent counterparts in China and abroad, to learn from SANHUA, at the same time using every little bit of our strengths, Under the leadership of SANHUA, to form a first-class team with comprehensive ability. The joint experiment center will be built into a comprehensive platform integrating research and development, experiment and application verification of materials for automotive thermal management system.


Through the establishment of the open material Experiment Center for automotive thermal Management System,we will jointly explore the mode of industrial cooperation between superior upstream and downstream enterprises.Looking for better new materials, new technologies and new formats for automotive thermal management system.