• Focal spot(When plastic occupies the cavity at a high speed during injection molding, when the gas in the cavity can not be eliminated, this part of the gas is compressed, and the product is charred by heating up after gas compression.)
    Bensong Solution

    Bensong Solution:

    1. Reduce the injection speed or pressure.

    2. Reduce the melt temperature.

    3. Improve the exhaust of the die.

    4. Reduce the clamping force.

    5. Increase the injection caliber.

  • Silver wire(Because there is gas in the plasticized material, the gas is forced out on the surface of the mould during injection, and white filaments appear on the surface of the outer shell.)
    Bensong Solution

    Bensong Solution:

    1. Check whether the raw material is wet or mixed with other raw materials.

    2. Check whether the raw material is decomposed in the barrel.

    3. Check whether the injection caliber is too low.

    4. Bad exhaust of mould.

    5. Is the gate size too small?

  • Wavy flow marks(Due to the slow flow of the rubber in the die cavity, the frozen rubber can not adhere to the die, resulting in wavy marks.)
    Bensong Solution

    Bensong Solution:

    1. Increase the injection speed.

    2. Increase the temperature of the die.

    3. Increase the barrel temperature.

    4. Increase the injection caliber or gate appropriately.

  • Bright stripes on the surface of plastic parts(Bright stripes are produced on the surface of injection moulded parts.)
    Bensong Solution

    1. Increase the temperature of the melting barrel.

    2. Raise the die temperature.

    3. Heating and drying die.

    4. Clean the mould.

    5. Adjust the appropriate position of rotating speed.

    6. Drying raw materials.

  • Insufficient filling(Insufficient filling occurred in the shell of injection moulded miniature circuit breaker.)
    Bensong Solution

    1. Increase injection pressure.

    2. Increase the injection speed.

    3. Raise the barrel temperature.

    4. Adding vents to the unfilled parts.

    5. Expanding gate size or shortening gate runner distance.